Size chart:
EU maatUK sizemm
How to measure foot length:
  • Stand with your heel up against a wall and place a tape-measure under your feet.
  • Check your longest toe to your heel on the foot length measured in millimeters.
  • When your size is between two sizes, choose the smallest size because Birkenstock usually fits slightly larger.
Explanation width :

Choose the correct fit by reading the instructions below:


The coloured symbol indicates that the footbed is made for the normal foot. When you wear shoes that are made for normal feet, this is the right width for you.

This is the normal width in the Netherlands.
Birkenstock Germany calls this symbol schmall/stretta


The non-coloured symbol indicates that the footbed is made for the broad foot. When you wear shoes that are made for broad feet, this is the right width for you.

This is the wide width in the Netherlands.
Birkenstock Germany calls this symbol normal

A large amount of product is available in two widths; make sure you select the right width. You can find the image on the inner sole of your Birkenstock sandal.

Beware: On the box you will find the German widths. The feet of Dutch people tend to be somewhat smaller than those of Germans. This is the reason that the coloured symbol is indicated as ‘normal’ in the Netherlands. On the box you will find the indication ‘schmall’ because this is the German size.

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Shoeboy's Multi Clean - footbed cleaning

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Multi Clean - footbed cleaning

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Shoeboy's Multi Clean is a unique cleaning product for shoes and slippers. The flacon is useful shaped and easy in use. The upperpart contains a half hard brush with a dosage sponge. This product is developped to remove smal and big stains at all different types of surfaces like for example the footbed of Birkenstock. Besides this advantage is the Multi Clean also useable for white surfaces which are not that white anymore but should be. Because of special ingredients this cleaning product brings the white color back and make the shoes or slippers look like new again. 

How to use: 
Make sure that the to be cleand surface is moist and use enough of the Multi Cleaner during the cleaning. Brush on the surface with the sponge until there is white foam on the surface. Brush until the stains are getting less of removed. After that, the shoes can be rinsed with lukewarm water with the use of a towel of soft sponge. Let the shoes dry in the open air, rather not near by a heating source because that might affect the leather of the glue of the shoes and slippers. 

After cleaning it is the best to treat the the materiaal of the shoes or slippers by using a protection spray like RainStop so the new dirt has a smaller change to attach to the material and it will be easier to clean the product the next time. 

Where to use:
This product can be used on all different kind of surfaces like leather, suede, Birko-flor, EVA, Alprofoam and all leather and plastic surfaces. This product is perfect to clean the suede Birkenstock footbed, which might have changed colors after wearing the slippers for a while. This product gives the footbed a more bright color. 

Are you curious about how this product exactly works? Have a look at the demo of Shoeboy's and see how this product the most dirty shoes gives a brighter look and make the them look like new.

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